Wintertraining in Korea

An San Olympic Champion  -Shooting Highlights-

Mete Gazoz Olympic Champion -Highlights-

Wir verfallen gerade in Hessen in Panik und das machen die Bogensportler in Italien.  Hut ab!

Die andere Art der Zierenberger Bogenschützen im Konditions- und Konzentrations - Training.


Die erst 19 jährige An San aus Korea hat mit 1400 Ringen von 1440 sich als Dritte Schützin in der Welt mit dem Recurvebogen in diese Elite am 05. Juli 2020 geschossen. Mit 342, 347, 351 und zu Abschluss mit einer perfekten 360 auf 30m.

Fernsehberich NDR aus der 1. Bundesliga

Claire van Dijck ist in Berlin.
 craziest thing happened yesterday, I won the Berlin open 😍 never expected that to happen (especially when I was too busy with uniwork and preparations for Israel that I didn't even want to go anymore), but it did happen! However the crazy part was how I got there. After 3 rounds of the 1/16th elimination round I wanted to turn my bow and I grabbed it by the side rod. Sadly the siderod disconnected from my bow, leaving me with a side rod in one hand and my bow in the other. I gave my bow to my boyfriend to fix it when I had to go and score. When I got back he said it's broken, they are already getting you my vbar. I had a few seconds to decide what I was going to do and I thought I'm not giving away set points, so I shot with 1 siderod (10 9 9). And that won me the match 🙈. Afterwards I got my boyfriends extender and vbar, had to adjust a little of the weights but I think it did work out in the end. Got myself a nice little bea🐻🐻

I want to say a special thanks to Stijn for coaching and lending me your extender, to the group I was there with and to my friends at Blankenfelde and Zierenberg for organizing the event!

Aktuelles:                  Training auf dem Bogensportgelände      Sonntag ab 12.00 Uhr

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